Info for Businesses

Validation Program

Shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, plus some service providers are eligible for parking validation at a reduced cost. Other businesses can validate for their customers, but at full cost.Validation for most garages is up to two hours. Select garages offer 12 to 24 hour validation in the Enhanced Validation (E) program. Those are:

  • Market and San Pedro Square Garage (E)
  • Third Street Garage (E)
  • Third / Santa Clara Garage
  • Fourth Street Garage (E)
  • Second and San Carlos Street Garage (E)
  • Convention Center Garage

  • Businesses can obtain from the City easy-to-use validation machines that save time, and where the business pays for the validations that customers actually use.

To get started

Retail Businesses

Questions? Email or call (408) 975-3707

Non-Retail Businesses

Purchase at the City’s parking operator office, 45 N. Market St., Mon.-Fri., 8 am to 5 pm, (408) 794-1090.Questions? Email or call (408) 975-3707

Parking Incentive Programs

  • The program offers up to two years of free parking
  • Current eligibility is limited to businesses moving to downtown and entering into a lease in a downtown office or commercial retail building
  • The program is currently offered only at the Second and San Carlos Street Garage located at 280 S. Second Street.
  • For additional information contact Elias Khoury or call (408) 975-3707

  • Ability to offer the program is subject to parking demand.