Evening and Weekend Flat-Rate Parking

$5 Flat-Rate Parking After 6 pm,
Seven Nights a Week and all day Saturday or Sunday

Evening Parking Scenarios – With Validation

Many retailers and other businesses provide 2-hour validations.

  • Enters at 7 pm and exits at 10 pm any day.
    The customer is actually validated until 6 am the next day and parking is free.
  • Enters at 5 pm and exits at 10 pm Monday – Friday.
    The customer is validated for 5-7 pm, and would pay $5 flat for 7-10 pm.

Evening Parking Scenarios – Without Validation

  • Enters at 5 pm and exits at 10:30 pm Monday through Friday, the fee is $8
    ($3 for the 5-6 pm hour and $5 for after 6 pm)
  • Enters at 7 pm and exits at 11 pm on Friday, the fee is $5 ($5 after 6 pm)
Weekend Parking Reminders
  • The flat rate is $5 for Saturday and $5 for Sunday.
  • The daily cycle begins at 6 a.m. and ends the next day at 5:59 a.m.