Monthly Parking


Monthly parking is available at many ParkSJ facilities, including:

Third Street Garage
95 N. Third St.,
north of Santa Clara Street
Open 24 hours
Fourth Street Garage
44 S. Fourth St.,
at San Fernando Street
Open 24 hours
Second & San Carlos Street Garage
280 S. Second St.,
north of San Carlos Street
Open 24 hours
Market & San Pedro Square Garage
45 N. Market St.,
north of Santa Clara Street
Open 24 hours

The monthly rate is $100 except for Market & San Pedro Square Garage which is $125. For details on rates, availability and other city facilities, call the City’s parking operator at (408) 794-1090 or go to the parking operator’s office,
45 N. Market St. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am-1 pm.
If you are a downtown employee who makes less than $20 per hour, you may be eligible for 50% off discount.  To apply, call (408) 794-1090 or email,