Contactless Parking Payments

Contactless Parking Payments

Contactless payments can NOW be made at:

ParkSJ Garages*

Using Apple Pay or NFC (near field communications) credit cards

Here are the Steps

  • Guest pulls up to the entry gate and use ApplePay/NFC payment at the reader located on the entry column. 
    This creates an electronic ticket (nothing printed).
  • Upon exit, guest pulls up to the exit gate and uses the same ApplePay/NFC at the reader located at the exit column. The reader will take payment and open the gate for exit.
  • Note:  All entry/exit columns have an intercom button that can be used should any problems occur.

*Fourth and St. John (City Hall employees) and Globe garages do not accept ApplePay or NFC payment

On Street Meters 

On-street meters are also contactless, with Apple Pay and Credit cards (NFC – Near field communications)

Most meters operate at $2 per hour.