Parking Validation

After 30 years, the City’s Parking Validation Program ended in 2020, and has been replaced by the “90 minutes FREE parking” program for all customers entering ParkSJ’s main downtown garages at Third Street, Third & Santa Clara, Fourth Street, Second & San Carlos and Market & San Pedro Square.

Now, everyone gets the first 90 minutes free, enough time to have lunch, get in a good workoutgo to a meeting or visit the dentist.

Validation still exists at:

  • 3 Below:  Good for 3-1/2 hours during the day or evening from Market & San Pedro Street Garage; Third Street Garage; Second & San Carlos Street Garage; Third and Santa Clara Garage and Fourth Street Garage.
  • The Tech Interactive:  With validation from The Tech Interactive, parking will be $5 or less for the day at Second and San Carlos Street Garage; and Convention Center Garage (unless special event pricing is in effect).