Disabled Person Parking

Parking for people with disabilities

Hang your blue placard on your rearview mirror and park for free at downtown meters.  There is no time limit, but you must pay heed to any posted time restrictions, for example, for overnight parking or for street cleaning.

The map shows where blue curb parking exists downtown.

ADA public spaces in Park SJ garages:

  • Third Street Garage: 11 spaces
  • Fourth Street Garage: 14 spaces
  • Market San Pedro Square Garage: 25 spaces
  • Second and San Carlos Garage: 8 spaces
  • The Globe Garage: 3 spaces
  • City Hall Garage: 11 spaces
  • Fourth and St. John Garage: 21 spaces
  • Convention Center Garage: 14 spaces


  • All drivers must pay to use garages.
  • Most off-street facilities provide one Electric Charging ADA space.