Info for businesses

Info for businesses

Businesses can support customers, employees and ParkSJ


Businesses wishing to offer patrons validations beyond the first 90 minutes must “opt in” with the City Department of Transportation. The cost to businesses will be $1 per 15 minutes or $4 per hour. Contact the City’s parking operator at (408) 794-1090.


Discounted Downtown Employee Parking Permit

The City of San Jose offers a Discounted Downtown Employee Parking Permit to employees working downtown earning less than 30% over the current minimum wage.
  • Fast Food Workers: $26.00/hour (effective April 1, 2024) – Statewide minimum wage $20.00 x 30% ($6.00) above minimum = $26.00
  • All Others: $22.82/hour (effective January 1, 2024) – City of San Jose minimum wage $17.55 x 30% ($5.27) above minimum = $22.82
Apply for the program at: Before receiving the discount, employment and wage information will be verified during the application process.

The City of San Jose to begin reimbursing businesses in metered areas that provide transit passes to all their employees

Smart Pass Map in San JoseSmall businesses that consist of 35 employees or less and are located in a parking meter district, can apply for reimbursement of fees for VTA’s Smart Pass program. The City Manager has allocated one-time funding of $200,000 for this program. Reimbursement is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. The goal of this program is to help small businesses provide free transportation options to their employees. This way, employers can attract and retain employees. Applications for reimbursement must be received by Friday, June 30, 2024.

Reimbursement will only be approved for the following:

  • Business address must be within a parking meter district; please use the map at the bottom of the page to check if your address falls within a parking meter district
  • Business employee size MUST be 35 or fewer employees
  • Qualifying businesses may be reimbursed up to the size of their employee base, not to exceed 35
  • Reimbursement is for a VTA Smart Pass only
  • Paid invoice from VTA must be submitted along with application
  • Reimbursements MUST be submitted before Friday, June 30, 2024

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90 Minutes of FREE Parking is available to all downtown visitors parking in the following garages: