Parking Changes

First 90 minutes free parking, contactless parking payments and other new benefits

The City’s downtown parking program implemented exciting changes effective Aug. 3, 2020.  

The most notable rate change:  90 Minutes of FREE Parking to all downtown visitors parking in the following garages:

The 90-minute period of free parking replaces the previous validation program.  The new program is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-understand program for merchants and customers
  • Equity to all downtown businesses and visitors who park at City garages
  • Provides costs savings to businesses by eliminating the $0.30-per-validation cost
  • Reduces high-touch interactions by eliminating the need for customers to bring parking tickets to merchant for validation 
  • Continues to support downtown businesses during the pandemic

In the garages, the weekday (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) rates after the first 90 FREE minutes will be $1 per 15 minutes up to a maximum rate of $25.

Weekdays from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and on Saturday and Sunday, after the first 90 minutes, the rate will be $1 per $15 minutes up to a maximum rate of $10.

Additionally, the City has adopted a new Discounted Downtown Employee Parking Permit program providing a 50% discount to those employees working in the downtown and earning $20 or less per hour (employment and wage verified during application).

The City will also resumed paid parking at all on-street meters within the downtown core at the current $2-per-hour rates.

For additional information on parking rates and programs, please contact the City’s parking operator at 408-794-1090.

Contactless Parking Payments

Contactless payments can NOW be made at Park SJ Garages*

Using Apple Pay or NFC (near field communications) credit cards

Here are the Steps

    • Guest pulls up to the entry gate and use ApplePay/NFC payment at the reader located on the entry column. 
      This creates an electronic ticket (nothing printed).
    • Upon exit, guest pulls up to the exit gate and uses the same ApplePay/NFC at the reader located at the exit column. The reader will take payment and open the gate for exit.
    • Note:  All entry/exit columns have an intercom button that can be used should any problems occur.

*Fourth and St. John (City Hall employees) and Globe garages do not accept ApplePay or NFC payment

Info for Businesses

Businesses:  Here are some easy steps for you to follow regarding the parking changes:
1) Take those old VALIDATION stickers off your windows
2) Bring your validation machine back to the SP+ parking office at Market & San Pedro Square Garage
3) Cut and paste onto your websites:

90 Minutes of FREE Parking to all downtown visitors parking in the following garages:

The 90-minute period of free parking replaces the previous validation program.