Parking Validation

After 30 years, the City’s Parking Validation Program ended in 2020, and has been replaced by a “first 90 minutes FREE” program for all customers entering ParkSJ’s main downtown garages at Third Street, Third & Santa Clara, Fourth Street, Second & San Carlos and Market & San Pedro Garage.

Now, everyone gets the first 90 minutes free, enough time to have lunch, get in a good workoutgo to a meeting or visit the dentist.

  • 3 Below:  Good for 3-1/2 hours during the day or evening from Market & San Pedro Street Garage; Third Street Garage; Second & San Carlos Street Garage; Third and Santa Clara Garage and Fourth Street Garage.
  • The Tech Interactive:  With validation from The Tech Interactive, parking will be $5 or less for the day at Second and San Carlos Street Garage; and Convention Center Garage (unless special event pricing is in effect).

In addition: Some restaurants and businesses may want to offer their guests validations beyond 90 minutes. Customers are welcome to ask at the establishment.

  • Businesses who purchased validation machines in the past should return them for a refund.
  • Participating businesses should take Validation and Pv decals off windows and doors at your establishments.
  • Businesses wishing to offer patrons validations beyond the first 90 minutes must “opt in” with the City Department of Transportation. The cost to businesses will be $1 per 15 minutes or $4 per hour.